An experienced team

• which knows company business reality;
• which handles your project without delegating to juniors;
• able to manage different audiences within your company.

Taylored-made answers

• which integrate your teams' expertise;
• which fit your budget.

Successful implementation

• which leverage operational recommendations supported by your teams.

Build the future of your company

We open new opportunities providing you with competitive weapons & increased return.

• We transform raw data into actionable information
• We work with you as a team, for more effectiveness
• We leverage our strong international expertise

Empower your business

Our expertise is to create methods in perfect fit with your questions and your market, to solve your business issues with reliable solutions.

• We help companies meet their goals
• We use coaching and research
• We work for fun and passion, and so far, our clients are enjoying it as well!

Bottom-up solutions and cross-functional idea fertilization

Creating tailor-made processes in fit with your company reality

• We separate the "nice to know" from the "truly useful and operational".

• We fit with your budget and avoid over-sophisticated approaches.

• We leverage a technical knowhow which has been well practiced on many different markets.

• We identify solutions taking into account cultural differences.

Building a long lasting partnership

• We make sure we understand your issues and your internal working process in order to strengthen the effectiveness of our coaching.

• We invest in pedagogy to guaranty the durable appropriation of the action plans within your company.

Leveraging both company employees and consumers

• We embark company employees in the problem solving process in order to guaranty their personal commitment to the action plan issued from this collaborative work.

• We find solutions from the experience of your employees as well as from consumer feedback.

• You know much more than what you think!

We work on projects that you’ll implement and be successful with by building together a performing eco-system.

An experienced team bringing solutions to your business

Florence NETZLER

+33 684 773 702


Career Path:

  • Senior Director of Consumer Insight, McDonald’s Europe
  • Research manager, Kellogg’s France
Patrice MACÉ
+33 685 481 223


Career Path:

  • Founder of Practice Marketing
  • Marketing Director, Kellogg’s France
+33 631 454 788


Career Path:

  • Managing Director of Synovate France
  • Founder of Socioscan

Take benefit from your internal expertise: you know much more than what you think!


Reinforce the power of your brand

• Brainstorming with your teams

• Qualitative & quantitative research

• Advanced statistics e.g. typology to spot strategic leads

• Tracking the effectiveness of the different brand initiatives on:
– –– brand reputation
– –– customer satisfaction


Optimize your innovations

• Implementation of a development protocol involving your teams

• Understanding of competitive stakes

• Qual & Quant surveys among potential consumers

• Advanced statistics to identify the most relevant development areas

• Volumetrics


Maximize point of sales performance

• Determine the strategy to grow the category to your benefit

• Offer segmentation viewed by shoppers

• Shelf & assortment optimization

• Identify the most profitable & effective promotions

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  • Florence NETZLER
    +33 684 773 702
  • Patrice MACÉ
    +33 685 481 223
  • Thierry PAILLEUX
    +33 631 454 788

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